Hugger Belt Transfer Conveyor for bottom coding and other applications Model/36 inches long: DE 60

Hugger Belt Transfer Conveyor for bottom coding and other applications Model/36 inches long: DE 60

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This Hugger Belt Transfer Conveyor is generally used for two primary functions:

As a bottomless conveyor integrated:

With an industrial inkjet coder for bottom coding of bottles or other products. Bottles are gripped on the side by belts that are driven at the same speed of the infeed conveyor and conveyed over an inkjet coder print head in order to apply lot codes, date codes, other text to the bottom surface of the container using a non-contact printing method (CIJ printer technology), ideal for labeling and verification inspection. The Gripper Belts are independently adjustable and can accommodate containers from 1 mm to over 7" in diameter.

As a bottle or product transfer conveyor:

The transfer conveyor is placed in between two conveyors. Bottles or products are gripped on the side by the belts that are driven at the same speed as the infeed and exist conveyor in order to smoothly transfer the product from one conveyor to another. This eliminates dead plates which are normally placed at the exist or infeed of other machinery in order to transfer products. Dead plates can cause bottles or other products containers to tip over thus creating an obstruction and possible stoppage in the production line. The bottomless transfer conveyor allows for a smooth transfer thus eliminating bottle jam issues and ensuring more productivity.

Standard Specifications:

Stainless Steel and Duro Aluminum Construction

Easy bottle size adjustment with hand wheel

Turn Handle Adjust for belt centering.

FREE Printer Head Bracket custom made to fit your printer.

Standard Functions:

 Bottom Code various types and sizes of products.

Open design below belts for easy print head placement.

Safe design with no sprockets or chain underneath belts.

Ensures a smooth transfer of products from one conveyor to another.

No more products falling over due to metal transfer plates.

Easy and quick set up for various size and shaped of products with turn handle adjustments.



Variable speed control0 – 300 ft/min
Conveyor adjustable heightup to 40”
Minimum bottle width1 mm Diameter
Maximum bottle width7” Diameter
Motor Drive60 Watt
Electrical Requirements115V / 1PH / 60Hz
Conveyor belt dimensions1”H x 36” L x ¾ “ Thickness
Overall maximum machine dimensions37”L x 27”W x 34”H