About Us

Dependable Equipments specializes in Conveying Systems, Hugger Belt Transfer Conveyors, Accumulation Rotary Tables with and without unscramblers, Automatic Filling and Capping Machines or a fully Integrated System. Our designs are unmatched in the Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Brewery, Dairy, Meat and Poultry Industries. We have a team of experts with a combined experience of more than 30 years. 

At Dependable Equipments, custom conveyors mean more than giving you the length and width you need; it means we offer an endless number of designs with an endless number of available features and options.

The manufacturing of our equipment is completed in a state of the art manufacturing facility. In this facility, we use the lean manufacturing techniques to provide BTO (built to order) equipment in days - not weeks! This has allowed us to offer improved products to customers at lower prices.

Dependable Equipments has a product to fit the needs of everyone with a production line. We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art craftsmanship and our commitment to excellent customer service.


Dependable Equipments functions on the belief that there is intrinsic value, personal and professional reward in producing machines and offering services that provide our clients more value than they have come to expect from other companies.


Dependable Equipments believes that there is much room for our machine building philosophies to expand into many other types of production equipment. Dependable Equipments will continue to develop new products that will offer the same reliability and cost savings which our current machines are known for.


Dependable Equipments has also reduced lead-time for the customers. Every equipment is built to the customer's specific needs and requirements. Working from pre-engineered conveyor platforms, we are able to design, build and ship conveyors of any length and width in just a few days.


Every employee at Dependable Equipments has a goal to work efficiently, positively and safely in the process of delivering the best possible product to our clients.


We are dedicated to investing in the latest technologies and components so our clients can depend on us to provide them with the most modern machinery which will allow them to excel within their own industry.


Dependable Equipments understands the importance of listening to our customer’s feedback. We will continue to utilize this information in order to further enhance the capabilities of our current standard product line while maintaining modularity through product transitions.


Built To Order For Your Application

• Widest range of products in the industry means you deal with fewer suppliers.

• Your conveyor is made to order.

• Very few standards constraining you.

Design Philosophy

• High Quality U.S made and Imported Components.


• Best in class lead times.

• On time performance you can count on.

• All manufacturing done in house, for project control.


• Custom palletization.

• Not freight claims in over 5 years.

Value and Performance

• Our equipments are specifically designed and built to deliver the uptime you expect in your operation, are easy to maintain and are competitively priced.


Dependable Equipment’s product guidelines include an emphasis on producing cost effective equipment while maintaining quality craftsmanship, machine reliability and flexibility. Our ultimate goal with our industry partners is to provide reliable, innovative and cost-saving equipment that adds value to our customers production environment for many years.

"Great customer service and I have no issues. Thank you!"

Mr. Alex Daliva  Manager, Creative Essences

"Just as expected, works great. Thank you!"

Mr. Jim Bound Manager, Westgate Products

"Conveyors of excellent quality. Our first purchase was beyond expectations in durability."

Mr. Deon Delude Manager, Neves Global

• Our equipments are specifically designed and built to deliver the uptime you expect in your operation, are easy to maintain and are competitively priced.