DE-171 Spray Filling and Capping Machine

DE-171 Spray Filling and Capping Machine

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Application: This machine is mainly used for perfume, disinfectant, repellent liquid, jelly water among many others.

Performance Feature:

  1. PLC Control system, color touch screen display.
  2. This machine has function of no bottle no filling (only peristaltic pump)/ no adding outer cap (if it has outer cap).
  3. Peristaltic pump or piston pump measuring (if use piston pump, when the filling volume difference is large, the corresponding pump body needs to be replaced), pneumatic adding cap, lifting screw capping. The machine has advantages of accurate filing, smooth screw capping, and simple operation.
  4. Cap positioning device, makes sure plastic pipe which is longer or curved could go to bottleneck accurately.
  5. Filling nozzles dive into bottles to fill and rise slowly to prevent foaming. Catch type flexible screw lid/head, adjustable tightness.
  6. Machine shell is made of 304 Stainless Steel.


Filling Head Number2
Adding plug/dropper head:1
Capping Head Number:1
Filling Volume:25-190ml
Capacity:15-40 bottles/min
Pass Rate:greater than or equal 98%
Filling Accuracy:less than or equal +/-1% (depends on product)
Power Supply:1PH.220V, 50/60Hz
Power:1.5 KW
Net Weight:1102.31 Lbs