DE-179 Vertical Labeling Machine

DE-179 Vertical Labeling Machine

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This machine is suitable for labeling round bottle, square bottle and various round products.

Performance Feature:

  1. Adopts step/servo motor, PLC control system, color touch screen display.
  2. Can install ribbon printing/inkjet printer (optional).
  3. Accurate label position, fast speed and high labeling precision. Machine has function of no product no labeling and automatic detection.
  4. Machine shell is made of 304 Stainless Steel.


Bottle Diameter:20-90mm (can be customized)
Capacity:35-90 bottle/min
Label Size:L: 15-295mm, H: 15-145mm
Label Accuracy:less than or equal to 1mm
Label roll inner diameter:79 mm
Label roll out diameter:less than or equal to 360mm
Power Supply:1Ph. 220V, 50/60Hz
Power:1.5 KW
Net Weight:551.16